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Camera pole roof survey

A camera pole roof survey is a method used to inspect roofs and inaccessible areas of buildings using a camera mounted on a telescopic pole.

A Camera Pole, also known as a Telescopic Inspection Camera, offers a convenient solution for observing inaccessible and elevated areas without the requirement of a ladder. By utilizing sectional poles, the Surveyor can extend the camera to reach several meters in height, accommodating the inclusion of a 10m wireless HD camera. Simultaneously, the camera transmits live images and captures photographs that are displayed on a touchscreen at the base of the pole, facilitating real-time visualization and documentation.

In addition, the camera pole is equipped with an automatic infrared function, enabling thorough examination of challenging-to-access areas like loft spaces. This advanced technology effectively minimizes uncertainties regarding various aspects of a property by closely scrutinizing typically hard-to-reach regions. By utilizing the infrared function, the camera pole enhances the ability to assess and evaluate properties, providing valuable insights into areas that would otherwise remain inaccessible.
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By incorporating the camera pole into our surveying process, our team can gather more comprehensive and detailed findings for inclusion in the final report. This eliminates the need for customers to make separate arrangements to inspect specific aspects of the property, as we can now capture relevant information during the initial survey. Consequently, our reports provide a more thorough assessment, saving customers time and effort while ensuring they receive a comprehensive understanding of the property’s condition.

Camera poles are invaluable tools for inspecting flat roofs situated above double-storey bays and other inaccessible areas with flat roofs. These areas are often concealed or not easily visible even with the assistance of binoculars. With the aid of camera poles, our surveying team can capture high-resolution images and videos, allowing for a comprehensive examination of these hard-to-reach flat roof sections. This ensures that no critical details are overlooked during the assessment process, enabling us to provide accurate and thorough reports to our clients.

Camera poles offer distinct advantages over drones for certain inspection scenarios. Firstly, camera poles are quick and easy to set up, allowing our surveying team to begin the inspection process within minutes. On the other hand, drones often require more time for setup, including compliance with new regulations that restrict their usage in heavily built-up areas or near airports. Drone operation is subject to specific conditions and limitations.

Camera poles have emerged as a preferred tool for diagnosis and fault-finding due to their efficiency and accuracy. They provide a non-intrusive, low-impact method of inspection, eliminating the safety concerns associated with ladder usage. The captured images from camera poles offer immediate clarity, precisely pinpointing areas of concern and facilitating a comprehensive diagnosis. This eliminates the need for additional visits or assessments, streamlining the inspection process and improving overall efficiency.

In summary, camera poles offer rapid deployment, compliance with regulatory restrictions, non-intrusive operation, accurate results, and enhanced safety, making them a reliable and practical choice for various inspection purposes.


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