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Building surveyor in london

RICS Level 3 Home Survey

The Level 3 Home Survey is an all-encompassing survey that provides a highly detailed report describing the property’s construction and condition. This comprehensive report offers valuable advice on how to address any defects or issues identified during the survey.

A Building Survey is considered the most comprehensive type of survey available when purchasing a house. While it shares similarities with a Homebuyer Report, it is particularly well-suited for older properties or those with unique construction features.

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The survey delves into greater depth and provides a more thorough report, addressing not only the structural elements but also other aspects of the property’s condition. Its comprehensive nature ensures a detailed evaluation of the property’s suitability and identifies any significant issues or considerations for the buyer.

The Building Survey will provide a comprehensive outline of any defects found in relation to the property. It will detail the apparent cause of these defects and assess the urgency at which repairs should be carried out.

By being a RICS Regulated Firm, IQSURV demonstrates its commitment to upholding the highest professional standards. This provides clients with confidence in the firm’s expertise, knowledge, and experience within the property sector.

RICS regulation ensures that the services provided by IQSURV are impartial, trustworthy, and aligned with the established industry standards and ethical guidelines.

A Building Survey covers a wide range of aspects related to the property’s condition and construction.

Level 3 survey includes a thorough inspection of both the internal and external parts of the property, ensuring a comprehensive assessment. Here are some key areas typically covered in a Building survey.

1. Structural Elements: The surveyor examines the condition of walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs, checking for any signs of structural damage, such as cracks, dampness, or subsidence.

2. Building Envelope: The survey includes an assessment of windows, doors, and other openings to ensure they are secure, weatherproof, and in good working condition.

3. Services: Visual inspection of the electrical, plumbing, heating, and ventilation systems, checking for any issues or potential safety concerns.

4. Internal Features: The survey covers the condition of internal walls, partitions, staircases, and other elements within the property.

5. External Areas: The surveyor evaluates the condition of external elements such as driveways, pathways, gardens, fences, and outbuildings, providing an overview of their state and any concerns.

6.Specific Concerns: The surveyor takes into account any specific concerns you may have about the property and can focus on those areas during the inspection. This allows for a tailored assessment and detailed examination of particular features or issues.

The findings from the inspection are compiled into a comprehensive surveying report, providing detailed information about the property’s condition, highlighting any defects or areas of concern, and offering recommendations for necessary repairs or further investigations.

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Why RICS Level 3?

RICS Level 3 Home Survey

Property Inspection

Inspection by a qualified RICS surveyor

RICS Level 3 Home Survey


Concise summary and recommendations

RICS Level 3 Home Survey

Condition Ratings

Red / Amber / Green condition ratings for various elements

RICS Level 3 Home Survey


Advice on building and occupational risks

RICS Level 3 Home Survey

Building Elements

Comments on internal and external elements of the main building

RICS Level 3 Home Survey


Observations on electrical, gas, water, heating and drainage elements

RICS Level 3 Home Survey


Repair and maintenance recommendations

RICS Level 3 Home Survey

Grounds & Outbuildings

Advice on building and occupational risks

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RICS Level 1 Home
Condition Survey

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RICS Level 1 Home Survey
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